Monday, June 18, 2018


Official name of IHHA is International Holistic Healing Association, and it is a nonprofit education group founded Hawaii state of America for the purpose of enlightening and educating holistic healing therapists, and supporting therapists. The details click→United States government recognition number (227297D2)

This association’s curriculum is not only acquisition of license but also practical knowledge which is validated as a professional therapists, and more it is assembled aiming at therapists’ inside substantiality.

Attendance in the home of healing, Hawaii is most suitable to bring up new sensitivity of therapists.

IHHA invites lectures who has great achievement and ability in the world-wide, and arrange the substantial and valuable lectures.

IHHAとは正式名称をInternational Holistic Healing Associationといい、ホリスティックヒーリングセラピーの啓蒙と教育、セラピストの支援を目的に、アメリカ・ハワイ州に創設された非営利教育団体です。詳細クリック→米国政府認証番号(227297 D2)